John Akira Harrold is a designer, artist, and educator with a fascination for print media, type, and contemporary artist books.

• Designer — Global Brand Creative at Nike

The Portfolio Program

After a decade of being known as the Certificate Program, the yearlong MFA-alternative was looking to visually reimagine itself as the Portfolio Program.

The rebrand shifts away from an emphasis on credentials and centers an experience wherein students engage in a variety of creative pursuits; and in doing so create the contents of their creative portfolio.

The program offers four areas of focus: Prose, Poetry, Comics, or Art Book. These four cohorts have distinct experiences but are bound by programmatic themes and opportunities for cross-pollination.

The new identity provides a toolkit for the organization to promote the program and communicate in a cohesive visual language across multiple platforms.


Aznbf is a book in service of dialogue and the result of conversations with nine people about the relationship between asianness and masculinity.

Conversations were unstructured and often spanned a range of topics including upbringing, love/sexuality/relationships, creative work, family, politics, and belonging. Audio from these conversations was transcribed and loosely categorized, thereby divorcing content from speaker. Lines of text were then reordered to form composite poems which attempt to articulate a collective voice.

Additionally, interviewees were given a single-use 35mm camera to represent their world through film. Aznbf was risograph printed as an edition of #_150.

This project was supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

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Independent Publishing Resource Center

A selection of graphic design work for the Independent Publishing Resource Center, a community studio and arts organization in SE Portland, Oregon.

Memories of Doc Ben

Memories of Doc Ben is an archive of personal notes and other mementos shared by friends and family of the late veterinarian who worked for over sixty years in the San Luis Valley.

Memories of Doc Ben was risograph printed in metallic gold on French’s Timber Green, and digitally printed on vellum and warm white text weight paper, edition of #_70.