1. BIPOC Residency

Wordmark + Promotional Material
Design / Print + Production

            Alley Pezanoski-Browne – Executive Director of the IPRC – began planning a new artist residency for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color artists and writers. When she asked me to design a wordmark and some graphics to help promote the new program I immediately wanted to create something that claimed both past and present historical moments.

We landed on the use of quickly recognizable typographic signifiers of the past (a combination of blackletter and italic hands), contrasted with a modern, bold san serif. To capture the excitement surrounding the new program we chose energetic colors and imagery, yet still wanted everything to feel tight and sophisticated. 


            With the help of supporters getting the word out via social media, the BIPOC Residency received over 100 applications in its first year. My hope is that these flashy graphics and riso-printed fliers helped! The inaugural BIPOC Residency launched summer 2019. 


005a,b | BIPOC wordmark and graphics for social media
005c  | print marketing collateral 

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