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             IKEBANA was a print media exhibition shown in the spring of 2019 at the Wieden & Kennedy Gallery (Portland) as part of Redesigning the Narrative, a group show curated by Portland in Color.
The theme of the show was to think about space as it relates to being an artist of color in Portland. I took this as an opportunity to contemplate the socio-political considerations around space and power as well as the spatial relationships amongst elements on a page.

The exhibition included a book (5” x 7”) and series of double-sided posters (10” x 15”).

IKEBANA was risograph printed using sunflower yellow, blue, green, warm red, and black. The book was printed in an edition of 180. 


009a | IKEBANA book
009b | IKEBANA installation
009c | IKEBANA poster series in 8 unique colorways
009d | IKEBANA installation
009d,e  | image credit: Okabe Photo

Special thanks to ︎  Portland in Color  ︎ for curating this show.

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