Memories of Doc Ben

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On October 29th, 2018 my grandpa Ben Konishi—known colloquially in the San Luis Valley as “Doc Ben”—passed away at the age of 92. He had been retired for two years, having worked until 90 as a veterinarian in the same valley for over 66 years. His passing marked a significant moment for our family and the wider community in which he was embedded.  

As a veterinarian in a rural area he served a unique role. In the mornings he would care for cats and dogs—working out of the vet clinic attached to the house—and in the afternoons would drive around the valley to see horses and livestock.

With his passing my grandma wanted to document the community’s memory of Ben. My sister and I helped her create letterhead that she gave to friends & family at the memorial service, with instructions to write down memories of Doc Ben and send back to her.

Lots of letters arrived, all of which are compiled along with several other mementos to constitute Memories of Doc Ben

As of writing this my grandma intends to give the print run away to friends and family.

Memories of Doc Ben was risograph printed in metallic gold on French’s Timber Green, and digitally printed on vellum and warm white text weight paper.

8.5x11″. Twin-loop wire bound, 158 pages.

Edition of 70.